Viva Rock n’ Roll Radio

IT’S A SMASH!! Infinite thanks and Saturday night love to Visual Radio Arts Phil, Carl and Mags for allowing Palooka 5 to debut some new tunes and some P5 favs tonight at our Facebook Live session. Only a week ago and over 3000 views already! Viva Visual Radio Arts – Palooka 5 salutes you! For those of you who don’t engage with “the book of faces”…watch at your leisure …#rocknrollradio

Palooka 5 Originals featured:
La Mancha
Debbie Don’t Surf
Little Frathouse
Cindy Joined a Surf Gang
Cinderella (The Sonics – 1965)
Cactus Blossom
Heavy Ju Ju
Some Fools Mess (Gallon Drunk – 1992)

Double Trouble Down Town

Got “2 Killer Shows” planned for you peeps this November with our feral friends The Electric Shakes. Saturday 18th November at The Winchester Gate, Salisbury and the week after at CICCIC, Taunton on Saturday 25th November – also inc. Bristol’s surf garage legendary DJ Steve Cube.


Off the lead with Mad Dog

Nice one Palooka 5 comrades…took mucho pleasure from a bouncin’ night Friday supporting crack outfit Mad Dog Mcrea. So Palooka 5 had a few ….ahem ‘technical issues’ – but we kept on movin’, thanks to all to attended. Do a detect a shift in support for the original live muso scene ? 🙂
More magic shots from snapper supremo Mr Steven Driskel of Soulphotography.

Next stop, a live on-live session this Saturday 7th Oct at Visual Radio Arts. Crankin’ it from 9.00pm